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UselabsTM is an innovative and nimble software development company with front office and back office solutions that include:

  • Streaming video solutions
  • Content management systems
  • Video management platforms
  • Advertising management platforms
Uselabs is a privately-held company that provides the most advanced technology solutions for the broadcast industry without the excessive overhead of larger, publicly-owned companies with inflated prices and decentralized decision-making.

Uselabs' centralized ownership structure and development team develops and controls our own technology without oversight by investors. This allows us to respond to clients and market conditions faster because we respond to issues from the frontlines of the broadcasting industry everyday, not Wall Street.

Our technology leverages the power of open-source code and existing equipment at your station, so our solutions do not force broadcast news stations to invest in expensive, proprietary equipment. All of our solutions are plug-and-play, so they can be set up within about 15-minutes, which saves time, money and resources.

Managment Team The key to Uselabs' expertise is our
multifaceted and multidisciplinary foundation
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