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If you are programming in DirectX and you are seeing this annoying window. Is because the Active Movie Window is your default renderer. You should feel proud, this is your Debug renderer window. This way, you can see what you are capturing in the dark…Well… if what you want is get rid of it. You simply need to change the renderer pSink filter from NULL to an actual filter that does nothing, when calling your RenderStream method.

So, a line like this:
hr = g_pCapture->RenderStream (&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pSrcFilter, samplegrabberfilter, NULL);

Should be like this:
hr = g_pCapture->RenderStream (&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pSrcFilter, samplegrabberfilter, nullrenderer);

And the nullrender filter that does nothing can be defined this way:
IBaseFilter * nullrenderer = NULL;
CoCreateInstance(CLSID_NullRenderer,NULL,CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,IID_IBaseFilter,(void**) &nullrenderer);
g_pGraph->AddFilter(nullrenderer, L"Null Renderer");
Tuesday, 05/11/2010 - 13:55
Obviously, latency is the most formidable enemy of video-over-IP technology. But we are confident that the solution is not multiple air cards or more expensive equipment. Instead, the solution, as we have always maintained, is in the...
Tuesday, 04/27/2010 - 09:56
Last week’s trip to the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference, NAB 2010, proved four things to me about video over IP solutions: 1. Streaming video over IP is the future 2. Despite the recession, broadcasters are...
Wednesday, 02/24/2010 - 14:30
Recently, Marty Massen, Engineer at WTEN News 10, tweaked the settings on Uselabs Live’s encoder to reduce the latency to zero and create a true, streaming live shot. Massen used the hand-held encoder settings to dedicate the entire...
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