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Now, the power of streaming broadcast quality video is an
iPod® Touch and iPhoneTM tap away
the best streaming broadcast video from the field solution,
based on these three factors:

Price. Superior technology. Ease of use.

UselabsTM Live the ultimate game-changing technology for all market sizes and market segments. Whether you are a market leader or fighting for market share, Uselabs Live's application will give your station an advantage.

Market Leaders. will expand their dominance with Uselabs Live's ability to saturate the market with more live coverage teams in the field at any time
Market Players. will have additional tools to compete for market share by gaining or controlling market segments like traffic, weather, prep sports, trials, festivals
Outside Market players. can cover events like trials, festivals or sporting events outside of their markets that were previously dominated by other stations
UselabsTM Live puts the power of "more" at your fingertips:
  • More breaking news
  • More traffic
  • More weather
  • More election coverage
  • More prep sports
  • More trials
  • More festivals
  • More press conferences
  • More mobile units in the field at any time
  • More options to transmit completed packages back to the station
  • More options to transmit from remote locations
  • More options for different shots at any event
  • More time in the field and less time at the station
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