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Now, the power of streaming broadcast quality video is an
iPod® Touch and iPhoneTM tap away
Uselabs Live works with any video camera and air card-equipped laptop
Directly from the field to your control Room

UselabsTM Live is a revolutionary, compact and complete software-based, streaming video solution that captures video from any camera and sends it back to your station over IP, instantly with 1-5 seconds of latency. Any shooter with a laptop and a Mobile, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, EVDO, 4G or WiMax connection can stream video live on-air, online or on mobile devices.

From the field. Plug the camera into an air card-equipped laptop*
Over IP. Launch encoding software by setting video and audio bandwidth. Transmit with mobile, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, EVDO, WiMAX
To the station. Launch decoding software that streams video on-air, online or on mobile devices. IPTV, INTERNET, MOBILE.
Send the signal
to encoder
Powerful software designed to
send a live signal efficently
Portable, remote control,
is fast and easy to use
Mobile, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G,
The signal is sent direcly to
the control room
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